Google Plus App Now Optimized for Tablets



Google Plus app receives an update which delivers tablet optimization, a new and improved UI that offers a smoother stream that styles content based on popularity and orientation, however it drops the dark theme which i liked and i hope Google will bring it back in the following updates, Hangout feature is also optimised for tablets, enhanced images quality and crisper text.

The update comes to blend the app perfectly onto the newly announced Google Nexus 7 tablet that runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and on the new iPad (iPad 3) wich is soon to come.

Google also introduced a new feature called “Google+ Events” helping users to easily organize events such as parties, where friends invited can take advantage of another feat included in the Events called “Party mode” which once activated on all of the attending friends, all the content published by any of them before, during and after the party is over will be accessible via G+ in one single place on a chronological order.



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