Week in Review @PocketDroid (18.06 – 24.06)


We’ve had another interesting week over here at PocketDroid, and we’re ready to share the most important news with you!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was treated with CyanogenMod 9 nightlies. Here’s what we wrote about that:

The Galaxy S3 has finally received nightly builds from CyanogenMod. The CM9 nightly build has been made available for the International version with the US variant getting the release soon.

The CM9 builds has couple of things not working such as:

  • FM Radio currently not supported, try Spirit FM from market
  • Using flash in camera causes problems.
  • LED is not being lit when charging.

The camera not working is primarily the major concern at the moment but nightly builds are generally meant for that purpose. We should expect a couple of more problems to surface as nightly builds continue before we get a solid stable ROM for the Galaxy S3.

Sony Xperia S has finally got its ICS update. Here’s more on the story:

 Sony Xperia S has finally gotten its official Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) updatefrom Sony Mobile Communication. The update now allows the visuals to be displayed during music playback as well as an all new Calender app and Notification drop menu.

The settings screen now resembles the original stock Android 4.0 complete with Face Unlock features and camera lockscreen shortcut configurations. Sony has made the most of the HD screen and have added an all new movie streamingapp. Read more 

The three version of the highly popular Samsung Galaxy S3 got rooted. Here’s more ab0ut that:

AT&T,  Sprint and T-Mobile all have their own Galaxy S3 variants and although they maybe look different they do have one thing in common. All three have been rooted which would now allow developers to start build their own version of custom ROMs for the device allowing huge opportunities for customizing the already amazing looking Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Get instructions