Optus GALAXY S (i9000) begins receiving the “Value pack” update in Australia


As you all know by now, Samsung left out in cold the GALAXY S (I9000) and the GALAXY Tab 7 (P1000) as the company said that these devices are not hardware-compatible with an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (not entirely true as freelance devs have begun working on custom ROMs based on ICS OS).

However Samsung promised an upgrade for both P1000 and I9000 in the form of a “value pack” which will bring some of Android 4.0 features like the Face Unlock feat for example. This package has been pushed out at the end of March in Korea, we havent heard a word ever since. At one point Samsung Romania and Slovakia offered the same value pack to GALAXY W users in those contries.

Australians connected to Optus carrier are reportedly receiving Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware upgrade on their GALAXY S smartphones in the form of the above mentioned “value pack.” Here are some of the features arriving with this package:

  • Face Unlock like from Galaxy Nexus
  • Photo Editor like from Galaxy S2
  • Lockscreen like from Galaxy Note
  • Improved Camera App
  • Ability to take picture while taking videos
  • Fast auto-rotation response
  • New Lockscreen sounds
  • Enhanced stock browser
  • Smoother and faster Gallery 3D
  • Higher FPS rate in 3D
  • Minor changes in the UI
  • New Kernel with large RAM (Total RAM: 364)
  • Galaxy S2 ICS Lockscreen
  • TouchWiz 4 integrated
  • Improvements in the interface of the camera + can now take pictures while recording a video
  • Auto-rotation is faster (from vertical to horizontal)
  • Improvements in speed
  • Improved performance of GPU
  • Some applications of Google updated

via AusDroid