Intel stocks up on patents as it gets ready for smartphone and notebook wars


Inte has certainly learnt from the lawsuits involving Apple, Samsung and Motorola and has decided to buy 1700 patents that are basically related to Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE technologies. Interdigital are the selling party in question and have decided to sell 1700 for $375 million. Google also bought Interdigital’s patents for a rumored price of $1 Billion. Intel has been developing WiFi ever since introducing it on its Centrino processors. They were also expected to introduce WiMax had it not died so quickly.

Intel officially announced the procurement:

“The acquisition of this portfolio of InterDigital’s technologies by a global technology leader like Intel affirms the efforts of our research and development team which actively shares our innovations with the worldwide standards bodies, defining technologies that are central to the world’s major wireless systems and devices,” said Scott McQuilkin, Senior Executive Vice President, Strategy and Finance at InterDigital.

“These patents will support Intel’s strategic investments in the mobile segment,”said D