Amazon opens portal for European mobile app distribution


As the Amazon Appstore in the United States has seen a tremendous growth to tens of thousands of Android apps and games available in just one year, the giant online retailer has expanded to Europe too. European developers are now able to send their Android apps for distribution on Amazon’s Appstore in select countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, with plans for further global expansion in the following months.

Amazon has also updated its Mobile App Distribution Terms – following on the success of the April In-App Purchasing feat launch, to simplify its global terms, Amazon has aligned the revenue share for paid apps with that for in-app products sold using Amazon’s In-App Purchasing Service.

Starting 10 days from now, on July 1, developers will earn 70% of list price on each paid app sale. Developers now have better control on which apps they will make available to Amazon customers, and when.

Developers in these countries can get started by visiting the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. More details about all these changes read in the press release below.

source BusinessWire