First look at the Samsung Galaxy S3 / GT-i9300



Here arrives the big daddy of the smartphone world, from one of the most successful phone manufacturers – Samsung, the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung unveiled the sexy beast at London’s Earls Court arena on 3rd May 2012 making a departure from the practice to launch new flagships at Mobile World Congress. It surely packs in much fuel and features to win the race with the dual-core phones and be on par with the quad-core HTC One X. Samsung’s flagship also has turned out the official device of the ’12 Olympic Games.

Hardware/Design : 

Samsung leaves out the old reminiscent hardware finish, it’s typical rectangular touch to the phones and changes the outlook of its flagship devices, possibly due to the gazillion patents put forward by Apple.


The S III surely gives the public a premium feel with its ‘inspired by nature’ tag, coming with Gorilla Glass 2 and a polycarbonate touch and not bog-standard plastic. Samsung placing the screen between the recent Galaxy Nexus and the gigantic Galaxy Note, gives the S III a 4.8 inch Super Amoled HD screen with the Pentile matrix technology instead of the RGB fabrication used in its predecessor, the S II.

The home button gives a come-back, after not being around in the Galaxy Nexus. But due to the rounded bezel, the capacitive touch buttons and the home button aren’t in a line giving users a hard time who are used to the standard menu-home-back buttons.

Samsung as usual places the power button, USB port, earphone jack in the standard places as the S II had. Also, as developer supercurio confirms, Samsung, again fits the S III with the powerful audio-chip, the Wolfson micro sound chip which was highly popular for audiophiles in the Galaxy S/Nexus S era. He also has hinted that his popular Voodoo tweaks would arrive for the S III.


Packing a powerhouse, a 1.4 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with 1 gig of RAM. This processor is a 32nm chip with 50 percent greater graphics performance and 30 percent less power consumption than its previous chip, the Exynos 4410 which featured in the Samsung Galaxy S2. It is also claimed to be 5 times faster than its Mali-400 MP chip of its predecessor. Enough horsepower for any hardcore gamer or any developer to test stuff on it. No benchmarks would be provided for comparison, as the S III has enough fuel to kickstart every bunch of apps/games you throw at it, as every quad-core beast would!


Software Features : 

As is with the case with Samsung, this iteration comes with the latest Touchwiz UX version 5, yes again highly inspired by nature with Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung introduces an array of  pretty helpful features with the new Touchwiz. Firstly comes, Smart stay, which tracks your eyeball movement and switches off the screen as soon as you are not looking at it! Pretty handy feature for those who want their battery to stay for a day. Then, comes the Pop-Up Play feature which allows the person to watch a video while multi-tasking, Gung-Ho for movie freaks!

The most helpful feature is the S-Voice put up against Apple’s Siri, rejoice Androidians who felt left back when Siri arrived in Jobsland. The lock screen for one is much more functional – four shortcuts, weather forecast, dual-clock when roaming, news ticker and nature inspired aesthetics are appreciated. The Galaxy S III also brings MusicSquare along with updated sound-enhancing technologies. MusicSquare is similar to Sony Ericsson’s SensMe and builds playlists automatically based on the desired mood of the songs.

Winding up the first look of the flagship device, the S III has been made by gauging people’s response towards the older flagship models by Samsung. Includes every bit of technology which would suffice any user, be it a gamer, audiophile or developer, or a layman. Truly made for humans.


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