Daily Android App: Tweedle for Twitter


Tweedle is what we can call the new app on the block that aims to add some more simplicity to your everyday Twitter experience on Android.

While the official Twitter client aims to keep it simple and hope that the user will learn the interface over time, some may still get lost or confused in many of its features and lets not forget that it still lags a little.

Tweedle for Twitter is about bringing the base features of Twitter back to the user by just supporting the fundamentals of Twitter which are: tweets, mentions and message. Tweedle in its simplicity is really fast and it  has support for theme setting, which allows you to change the background color of the app a nice feature which is missing on the official Twitter app.

Tweedle app gets a total score of 3 points out of 5 from us, because we like simple things and easy to use (nice UI, useful, plain simple). We would have given it a 4 but it lacks a few things that other apps like Plume or Ubersocial, Seesmic have. Maybe in the following updates developer of the app will add some more functionality and options required by a Twitter app.

Download Tweedle for Twitter app available free on Google Play store.


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