New QWERTY phone from Motorola on Sprint?


Could this be a picture of Motorola’s new QWERTY phone to be release on Sprint? This picture was recently leaked on Android Central’s forums on their Rumored Device section. It is said to be a test device so everything here is purely speculation.

The keyboard is a 5 row qwerty with dedicated arrow keys. It isn’t that much different than most of the Droid qwerty setups. The ICS build looks pretty stock ¬†except for a few icon re-designs. Although it probably is an LTE compatible device, we only see a 3G connection here. Aside from the keyboard there are no physical buttons on the front face of the phone so you’ll be using the ICS virtual button tray.

The big questions still remain, what Chipset will Motorola go with? Will this be one of the first Intel powered phones? Could it be one of the chipsets from this Intel ATOM Roadmap we wrote about earlier this year? Will it be a low-end or high-end device?

If we find any updates on this device we will be sure to let you know. So what do you think everyone?