HTC says Thunderbolt customers will get Android 4.0 in July or August


A Reddit user in an email sent to HTC asked about a timeframe for Thunderbolt firmware upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and in reply to his inquirer an employee of HTC not only he confirmed that Tbolt customers will get the ICS upgrade but he also told him that “the release date is sometime in July or August.” 

Yes, it might take another 30 days or so for the HTC Thunderbolt to receive Android 4.0, but at least we have official word from HTC. Here is the whole statement from silversnipe12 email:

Dear silversnipe12,

Hi thank you for emailing HTC,

So yes your phone is getting the ICS update, the release date is sometime in July or August. Please keep an eye on our social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter.”

source Reddit