Android 4.0 pushing out to some Sony Xperia active customers


Sony Mobile has begun to push the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) software update to Xperia active (ST17) phones. However there is a tricky part. You will need to find out on your own if your Xperia active is eligible for an upgrade via PC Companion or Bridge via Mac.

To do that you will need to turn off your device, remove the battery and check for the SI (Sales Item number as you see in the image above) then go at the bottom of this post click on the list link and cross-reference it with the numbers published by Sony. If you have a match than your device is ready to receive the firmware upgrade if not then you should wait. Sony says it will update the list:

We will continue to add items in the list as soon as they are released. We will however not be able to answer on questions like: “When will SI number XXXX-XXXX be added to this list?” or “when will country X get the update?”

The detailed list of Xperia active devices ready for an update can be found here.