Samsung Galaxy S3 engineers struggled to keep the S3 a secret


The team behind the amazing Galaxy S3 has revealed the nightmare that was keeping the Samsung Galaxy S3 a secret from prying eyes. Many engineers revealed that they had a hard time keeping it a secret with their friends and family curious about the phone.

“I got so many questions about the GALAXY S III from friends and family”, said Senior Engineer YoungDoo Jin (Software R&D).  “But I’d say ‘don’t ask me or you’ll get me fired.’ I told them to check it out after it was officially made public.” Thankfully, the people around him were understanding and cared enough to respect his work.

Principal Engineer ByungJoon Lee (Mechanical R&D) was also grilled by family members. His son, in the 6th grade, knew that his father was previously involved in the development of the Galaxy S and the SII and wanted to know more about the next Galaxy which his father was developing. He’d ask ” ‘Dad! You’re making the S III, right?’ But all I could say was ‘I don’t really know.’ It was really awkward.”

There was a secret lab which had security cards, fingerprint readers only for the team behind the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Prototypes were put in boxes to be moved even across halls to prevent passer-bys from catching a glimpse of the Galaxy S3. Deliveries to network providers wasn’t carried out via 3rd party logistics solutions but was carried out personally by the team. The people in charge had to do a multi-country tour just to deliver prototypes while testing procedures were monitored day and night.

“Because we were only permitted to see the products and others weren’t,” explained Principal Engineer ByungJoon Lee (Mechanical R&D),“we couldn’t send pictures or drawings. We had to explain the GALAXY S III with all sorts of words. The Procurement Department had to set a price for the GALAXY S III and purchase the materials based on our verbal explanations. It was hard for everyone I guess.Hahaha.”

The R&D team also revealed that they had to make 3 different S3 designs to make sure that design leaks didnt occur.

Source SamsungTomorrow