Android ABC: 3 Important Battery Saving Tips


When it comes to the smart phones these days one of the main necessity is battery life. Without a good battery all the functionality in the world would not matter! There are plenty of tried and true methods to preserving battery life but these three main things should be monitored:

1: Screen Brightness

This is a BIG and I mean BIG battery drainer. The screen brightness alone can total up to 40 to 50% of your battery’s usage! It’s a good practice to keep your screen as dimly lit as possible in the evening hours and if possible during the day if you aren’t going to be using your phone in direct sunlight. You will be surprised how much more usage time you will get if you follow these steps.

1. Go to your home screen.

2. Hit menu and go to Settings.

3. Find “Display” and tap it.

4. Tap “Brightness”

Now just adjust the slider as dimly as you find comfortable and you’re all set!


2: Mobile Network

Your mobile device has a variety of wireless radio devices inside of it. One for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Network and GPS. If these devices are set on they can quickly drain your device.  It is a good practice to turn off your Wi-Fi when you leave your house so your phone will not constantly look for a new access point. Always turn GPS off until needed and the same with Bluetooth.

The BIGGEST culprit is your cell network. These days people have a large amount of apps running simultaneously which have background data usage. Things like Facebook checking for notifications. Your e-mail app checking for new e-mails. All of these applications continuously poll your cell network to check for new data. This really takes a toll on your battery. It’s a good idea to turn of mobile networks while you are busy and you won’t be using it.

A great thing about Android is that if you do turn off your Mobile Network connectivity and someone sends you a picture message, it will automatically turn it back on temporarily to pull the data in and shut itself back off. That’s a plus.

If turning off your network isn’t an option. Try to at least jump onto the 2G network. It doesn’t drain nearly as much as 4G does and while it won’t pull and sync your data as quickly, you will still have access to it.

3. Heat

The temperature of your phone can affect your battery’s performance. The hotter your phone is the shorter the battery life. Try to keep it away from sunlight and out of hot areas. I like to keep my device on a windowsill near my air conditioner while charging and out of use. It’s good for the long term health of your battery. While this may not be nearly as important as the last two topics, it is one that certainly should be acknowledged.

Following these three tips will lead to a longer battery life guaranteed. Happy Droiding!