Motorola Droid Fighter / RAZR HD press render leaks out


As the weekend is nearly here, what better way to end another week in the Android world than reporting about a new smartphone leak. On July 20th of last summer Motorola Dinara name surfaced for the first time and since that day every now and then rumors surface related to this device.

Recently Motorola Mobility released 3 new RAZR devices in China –  MT887, XT885 and XT889 one of them looks a lot like our Motorola Dinara, the other one hinted as Droid RAZR HD, while the last one is intended for the Chinese market only.

Another leak points to Verizon Droid Fighter name that popped up on February 22nd and leaked in a couple of images later on. Some even linked it to Droid RAZR HD, however at a closer look we can clearly see a major difference in its shape. For instance Droid Fighter is wider, while Droid RAZR HD looks skinnier and with sharp edges at its bottom. Others refer to this device as the follower of the first two Atrix series phones – Atrix 3. Really confusing isnt it?

The press render leaked today shows the Droid Fighter model for AT&T network, whatever its name will be at launch the phone packs a Qualcomm dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor with LTE support, it has a qHD 720p touch screen and runs Android 4.0 ICS with MotoBlur UI. If we follow the rumor mill the phone will launch in July if not sooner.

 source TheVerge