Corning announce new Willow Glass, can be “wrapped” around a device


The Corning Willow Glass is the newest innovation by Corning in the line of sturdy and scratch proof smartphone glasses manufactured. The Willow Glass is thinner, cheaper and lighter than any other smartphone screen available right now in the market. The thinness and durability of the glass allows for extensive flexibility and has the potential to enable displays to be “wrapped” around a device or structure. Unlike the current Corning Gorilla Glass, the Willow glass can be processed at temperatures of upto 500’C. The high-temperature material will allow for a “roll-to-roll” manufacturing process that wasn’t available until now due to low temperature endurance levels. The new, ultra-slim flexible Corning glass will help develop conformable (bent and curved) displays for immersive viewing or mounting on non-flat surfaces.