Daily Android App: GO Book (Android book reader)


In a world where technology is evolving faster than ever and so to people’s view of it, some time ago people were saying “why would I read a book (EBOOK) on a phone or e-Readers” and now it’s the norm. So to meet the demand developers and companies have been creating applications to help users to have the best experience, and GO Book is one of such applications.

The UI (user interface) or the app is quite simple and very easy to use. It displayed as a digital bookshelf that displays the cover of each book in either grid or list view.

Go Book supports a number of digital formats such as: Epub, PDF, txt, UMD&Fb2 Which you simply manually or autoscan your storage device and seek out your books or others publications and they appear on your bookshelf.

Go Book features such thing as changing your page color and switching to night mode that you could read in low lighting conditions. Also it features one of most loved features which is the page turning animation that is really a delight to use. But basically it gives you the feeling of turning the pages of a REAL book.

GO Book Functions:
1、Library: Bookshelf mode and list mode to show the books.
2、Import: Supports normal and automatic scan import books into phone.
3、Search: Supports Alphabetical search and real-time display search results.
4、Automatic save: Automatically save the last reading record.
5、Charset: Support multiple encoding formats,fix TXT garbled.
6、Group books: easy manage group of books.

Go Book has been out for sometime already but has had some improvements and upgrades for a better experience. So being a personal keeper on my phone and for being simple and features rich I rate Go!book a 5 out of 5.

Go Book is free right now on Google Play store so you could go check it out.