Top 5 Twitter Clients For Android


The one social network that we all love – Twitter. Most people are quite happy with the official Twitter application available on Android today. Though it isn’t all that bad, there are way better clients out there and PocketDroid is here just for that!

Below, I am going to be listing out the top five Twitter clients I have found on the Android platform.

1. Boid for Android(pre-beta)

Boid for Android is based on simplicity, beauty and speed. It is currently in pre-beta and receives continuous updates by its young team of developers. This Twitter client follows the ICS Holo design. One of the few apps that does, actually. The app is quite versatile and is constantly offering new features. Unfortunately, Boid only works on devices which are on Ice Cream Sandwich. But, if you are one of the few people who are on ICS, this Twitter client is a must-have.

You can download Boid for your ICS device from here.

2. Plume for Android

Plume for Android is another excellent Twitter client available for Android. It has a plethora of features and follows the ICS Holo design to some extent. Plume for Android is highly customizable. It has various features like the ability to make the tweets of certain users appear in a specific color, picture preview, muting of users/trends and swipe scrolling. Plume is ad-supported and shows unobtrusive ads occasionally. Though that isn’t a major problem, it is a slight annoyance. Plume also has widget-support, which is an added advantage.

You can download Plume for Android from here.

3. Twicca

twiccaTwicca for Android is a lightweight Twitter client designed for speed and stability. It has a unique and colorful interface and is quite customizable. The developer constantly experiments with new features and they are usually extremely good. It has multiple account support and can be launched from the status bar. The developer has recently added Twitpic video preview support, as well. Twicca for Android also supports widgets. Twicca has a feature which sets it apart from other clients plug-ins. The Google Play Store has various plug-ins for Twicca like Twitpic, FavStar.FM and other popular services.

You can download Twicca for Android from here.


TweetCaster for Android has been around for a very long time and has added a lot of unique features to itself. TweetCaster boasts of features like “Search Party” which allows you to search for specific Tweets, words or users. TweetCaster also allows you to make lists for specific users so that you can see the Tweets of specific users under one list. It also allows muting of users/trends/specific words. TweetCaster is also extremely customizable and has the ability to post to FaceBook simultaneously.
You can download TweetCaster for Android from here.

5. UberSocial

Ubersocial is one of the most popular Twitter clients around. It is the most comprehensive and customizable Twitter client ever made. It has an interesting feature called “Shake To Refresh” which allows you to shake your device to refresh your Twitter feed. Apart from the usual features, UberSocial offers customized notifications, advanced search, location services and more. UberSocial also has theming capabilities. 

You can download UberSocial for Android from here.