Motorola releases demo videos of the Android 4.0 ICS software update


Motorola have released a bunch of new videos detailing the upcoming software update to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS for the Droid RAZR and other devices. The video is aimed at distinguishing the features between the Gingerbread OS and the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Most OEM’s are creating their custom ROMs but Motorola are going for the stock ROM, more or less. The lockscreen however features four options namely the Camera and Unlock options along with Messaging and Dialer options. The camera app is identical to the one on Gingerbread with some new options like the TimeLapse mode.

Motorola has a WebTop mode featured into the OS which comes into play when you connect the phone to a TV or a display in Webtop mode, the UI looks similar to that of ICS’ tablet mode and you can use your phone’s display as a trackpad to control an on-screen pointer. Some standard features are included such as homescreen folder support, Face Unlock, screenshot capture facility and resizable widgets. Check out the videos in the full article below.




source GSMArena


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