$199 Quad-Core Tablets Soon to Appear Thanks to NVIDIA Kai



The first time we heard about low-cost quad-core Android tablets was back at CES 2012, when NVIDIA and Asus announced the MeMo 370T tablet, which would cost ‘just’ $249, and since then we heard nothing about it. We guess either it was renamed as the Google Nexus tablet, which should have the same price tag, or it was cancelled, as they couldn’t squeeze such a ‘small’ price tag from the powerful Tegra 3 hardware. Here’s where NVIDIA Kai steps in. It’s a quad-core chip made from less expensive components, while maintaining the speed and power efficiency. This will allow people with limited budget to get a fine quad-core tablet loaded with Android ICS at a reasonable price. We are very excited about these low-cost powerful tablets and can’t wait to see the first ones appearing on the market.