S Voice leak is now blocked, fortunately we have a solution


S Voice was leaked a couple of days ago and Samsung have now blocked it for all devices except for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The error that most people are now getting is “Network error. Please try again.”. For everyone getting this error follow the steps below and you’ll won’t have any problems anymore. The block is enable for all device except for those that have a GT-I9300 device number as the application sends the information to the server.

Follow the steps below to make your S Voice app work:

1- Get root
2- Get root explorer (or anything else, but seriously, get root explorer)
3- (Optional) With root explorer browse /system , find build.prop and copy/paste it elsewhere for backup purposes.
4 – Press Mount as R/W (top little button)
5- Still in /system, text edit build.prop and change below 2 lines Those are the only ones needed. Most likely all you’ll need is to replace two 0′s for two 3′s. (GT-I9000 -> GT-I9300)


6- Save and Exit.
7- Press Mount as R/O (top little button)
8- Reboot your device.

Source XDA