Path – The simple social network


With over 900 million users Facebook is the largest social network of all time, but its android application has been plagued with issues that they just haven’t fixed. So when I found this little social network with a gorgeous mobile app I had to try it. Signing up was as easy as it could be and within seconds I was ready to start posting.

As I played around with Path I noticed that even though the look was very simplistic all the features were still there thanks to the way Path as set up how you post. In the bottom left corner of the screen there is a small plus sign, when you tap this plus sign your posting options slide from under it using possibly the coolest animation I’ve seen.

Using these options you may upload a picture, post who your hanging out with, post where your hanging out at, post what music you are listening to and let your friends hear a sample of it, post your current thoughts, and tell people if you are currently awake or asleep. At first I thought the awake/asleep option was kinda creepy, then I remembered how many times people have tried to get a hold of my on other social networks just to be ignored because i was sleeping and if you really don’t like the awake/asleep feature don’t use it.

The only issues I have with Path is there is no desktop site so the only way to access it is on mobile. There are also some things I love about Path, the main thing being your home screen is like Facebook’s Time-line if Facebook had made it right. You can also do more then just like a post you can smile, laugh, gasp , frown, or love your friends post

Path wasn’t made for the people that have 2000 friends, Path is for the people who want to stay connected with there family and very close friends. If your other social networks feel overwhelming sometimes, try Path.

You can get Path here