HTC Unbricking Project Final is Released, Helps You Unbrick Your Device


Bricking your device is hardly a good experience, especially if you own an expensive high-end smartphone and you turned it into a brick. Bricking usually occurs when messing with custom ROMs and bootloaders on your device. For some phones there have been numerous unbricking methods, of which we must mention Unbrickable, but that’s limited to Samsung devices.

If you own a HTC smartphone, and you were afraid to go S-OFF or to flash a custom ROM because of a potential bricking risk, rejoice! XDA Senior Member dexter93, along with his team have started Unbricking Project to help unlucky users get out of that miserable brick state.

The Unbricking Project is available for numerous devices:

But as always, there’s a little thing to note here. This unbricking method works under certain circumstances, and will unbrick your phone only if you bricked it by turning S-ON, flashing an unsigned bootloader, or damaging the bootloader in some other way. Any other bricks are not supported, but the developers are working hard to find a way to fix other bricks as well. To get the instructions of how to unbrick your HTC smarphone, simply click the device you own in the list on the top, and you’ll be directed to the official thread on XDA-Developers Forum.