Beware, ZTE Root Backdoor Found!


Some users have spotted a very big security hole in their ZTE devices. Namely, a backdoor that allows you to gain full root access with a simple password. Some of you may find this cool, but in reality, it’s a really big security bug, as there’s malware that can take advantage of it. Here’s what XDA Recognized Developer shabbypenguin said about this:

“Problem is as you can see from teh pastebin all it requires is just a simple password and rooted shell is handed over…at this time there is no evidence to even support that this can even remotely being activated, however this is a big security concern regardless. for all intents and purposes this could be a debugging tool left in, however just seems oddly convenient for multiple software versions on separate phones on separate carriers,” said shabbypenguin XDA recognized developer.

ZTE knows about this problem and reported that they are going to release an update to fix it as soon as possible.

More information on this can be found on Reddit and Pastebin, showing how the exploit actually works.