Samsung and Google working on next Nexus device



Samsung and Google have been working in close tandem to build the next Nexus smartphone and with ASUS responsible for the Nexus Tablet, Google has chosen Samsung to continue the Nexus lineup. Rumors indicate that the device will feature a dual-core Exynos Cortex A15 processor with Mali T-604 graphics clocked at 533 Mhz. While the CPU might not be so attractive, the GPU is faster than any smartphone currently available in the market including the HTC One’s Snapdragon and the iPhone 4S’s GPU.

The device is expected to feature a 1280×800 resolution Super AMOLED display with a screen size anywhere between 4.8-5.3 inches. There is also talk of a 5MP camera and we could just see the device pop-up at Google I/O along with the Nexus Tablet which is also expected to make anĀ appearance.

source AndroidCommunity


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