Daily Android Game: Minecraft Pocket Edition


When Mojang announced Minecraft for Android everyone was excited. Then  there was a letdown as  people noticed it was watered down version that didn’t have the same appeal the original has.

After some time and a lot of updates I can finally do a real review without feeling like I was ripped off. As of update 3.0 , Minecraft PE has many of the features we expected from there early release but were not released mainly being survival mode and crafting. Starting with survival mode, this is the main mode where you must collect materials and defeat monsters during the night, although very fun, finding a group of players to run around with is probably the hardest part.

At $6.99 Minecraft PE is quite expensive for a mobile game that usually range from free to a couple of dollars at most, however I think the game is worth the price and with more updates Minecraft PE could become even more like the desktop edition. There is a demo version as well you can try that one first before purchasing the full MPE.

Things that should be added I think is playing with friends over the Internet, more monsters, and more items.

You can purchase Minecraft PE here