Verzion pushes out Android 2.3.6 update to LG Spectrum


Software update build VS920V6 is now pushing out to Verizon customers who own an LG Spectrum smartphone. The latest upgrade although it is not Ice Cream Sandwich, brings your handset to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread bringing a lot of new enhancements and fixes.

To manually check if the update is available in your area if by now you did not receive a notification update just hit the Settings> About phone > Check for updates.

Verizon Wireless and LG encourage you to download this update.

Device Features

  1. EAS password follows security policy, requiring an 8-digit password minimum.
  2. Application launch will not cause force close when the device is scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Improved outline for multiple calendar view.
  4. Calendar reminders send notification at accurate time.
  5. Successfully sync Optimum Online accounts using POP3.
  6. Pinch zoom in Camera Preview mode to select zoom level.

Web Browsing & Email

  1. Sync and Connect email maximum count is 500 regardless of server settings.
  2. Browser launches immediately upon selection.
  3. Added ‘Select Search Engine’ option in browser settings.
  4. Google Search is now set as default search for a better user experience.

Applications & Widgets

1. Google GMS (Google Mobile Services) is upgraded to Gingerbread R9.

  • Updated Google Play (v3.3.12) with enhanced user experiences.
  • Updated Gmail (v2.3.5.2) with a series of security fixes.
  • Talk2 (v1.3) includes updated video chat capabilities.
  • Updated YouTube (v2.3.4) includes enhanced editing functionalities.

2. Visual Voice Mail connection has been updated for a better user experience
when syncing email.

3. Updated Apps:

  • NFL v4.0
  • VZ Navigator (v7.5.1.54)
  • Amazon Kindle (v3.3.2.3)
  • SmartShare (R2.0)
  • Verizon Video (v6.1.34)
  • My Verizon (v10.0.7)
  • V CAST Apps (v3.03.41)

source Verizon