Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories Got Filmed, Look Promising


Samsung announced their new flagship Android smartphone , the Samsung Galaxy S3 ten days ago, along with a bunch of neat accessories which should improve the already great user experience of future Galaxy S3 owners. And those neat accessories are a flip cover, a phone holder and a Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen, which remind us of the Galaxy Note S-Pen. The guys over at MobileFun got their hands on these accessories before their official release, and were really kind to take videos of them.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen. It looks like an ordinary pen, except the fact that it isn’t intended for writing on paper and doesn’t have ink. On the top there’s soft rubbery ball, which should keep the precious 4,8 inch display safe from scratches.

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover. It fully replaces the back cover of the device, so it doesn’t have an impact on the phone’s slim profile. It’s made of similar materials found on the Samsung Galaxy S3, so it should feel pretty uniform.

And finally, here’s the Samsung Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger. It has some unique features – the fact that it doesn’t charge your device. It just holds it, and there’s a charging slot for the battery. So, if you want to charge it, you must take off the battery and put it down in the empty slot.

What do you think of these accessories? Are they worth buying, or are they just plain marketing tricks? Comments section is right below!


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