Early Samsung Galaxy SIII test shows remarkable battery life


A screenshot from a Samsung Galaxy SIII shows that it truly has an impressive battery life with the screenshot showing that it can run for more than 20 hours that too with around 42% battery still remaining. The Galaxy SIII has a 2100 mAh battery which is larger than most high-end Android devices (around 15-20%). 

Murtazin claims that he had so far used his SIII for 5 hours of music playback, to browse some photos and use the video player. He says that he had used the cellular network for only an hour and the rest of his time had been spent on the local WiFi (notice the Airplane Mode and WiFi signal). These are perhaps some good signs for the Samsung Galaxy SIII as it has already stunned onlookers with its impressive specs and remarkable features and has reportedly also managed to solve some of the ongoing battery problems that have cursed the Android operating system. Good Job Samsung!!

Source AndroidCommunity