ASUS slides show that a Padfone 2 4G will be released


Even before the release of the Padfone 1, a Padfone 2 4G has already been discussed to follow the Padfone 1. The Padfone 1 has been delayed because of a production problem at Qualcomm at their Snapdragon S4 chip production units. The image of the slide seen above is part of a strategic meeting held by ASUS for its employees. The Padfone 2 is slated to feature Integrated 4G and might arrive as early as this fall. ASUS generated a Q1 revenue of 5 billion dollars and expect to top that in Q2 2012. The Padfone 2 should feature Snapdragon S4 due to increased capability of handling LTE, better than the other quad-core processors in the market at the moment. 

ASUS have devised a Happiness 2.0 plan that includes special focus on cloud storage and comouting, design, new audio technologies and great mobility as its steps to generate a greater net revenue.

Source AndroidTabletBlog