Vodafone Portugal reveals all there is to know about HTC Desire C (Golf)


It’s not making a huge impression in the mobile world especially because it is an entry-level smartphone, but who doesn’t enjoy some images of an upcoming device ahead of its launch. HTC Desire C know in the past as Wildfire C or Golf already leaked at least two times once in April in a press render and more recently in a couple of live shots.

To top those previous leaks over this weekend another leak this time coming from Vodafone Portugal reveals another press render of HTC Desire C plus pretty much all the key specifications. Now don’t get to excited about this as the specs sheets is as entry-level as possible.

According to Vodafone Portugal Desire C will pack a 600Mhz processor with 512MB of RAM, it will sport a 3.5-inch screen with 320×480 resolution display, 5MP rear-facing camera (the only plus among these specs), 4GB of ROM (internal memory storage), has a 1,230 mAh battery and more importantly the OS is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (even this little guy runs ICS OS while others don’t, shame on you, you know who).

HTC Desire C apparently  will hit the shelves at least in Portugal and maybe in all Europe as well at a retail price below €200.