Quad-Core mobile processors: Why you need to switch to a quad-core device and which are the best quad-core processors ? [Editorial]


Yes, thats how small the Quad-Core processors are. So why choose quad-core processors ? Well, because the name is a bit catchy. No seriously, Quad-Core processors provide a higher computing power at a lower battery consumption rate. Now since most of you know Android has battery problems (unless of course you use extended battery packs) this becomes an essential element in improving the phone’s battery life and increasing performance of the device.

Now to solve one of the greater myths about the Quad-Core processors. Quadrupling cores DO NOT increase performance by 4 times the original. The increase in performance is considerable but not 4 times. Quad-Core processors are an essential component in mobile multi-tasking or multi-threading. They provide a significantly smoother performance as well as enable a wider range of tasks to be carried out simultaneously. A single core CPU runs at higher speeds (clocking speeds) than a multi-core CPU but consumes more energy than the multi-core CPU. Now for Multi-Core CPU, since there’s more than one each CPU can run at lower frequencies and complete tasks at a lower energy rate and at the same time ensure that multi-tasking is efficiently carried out.

Mobile devices who have Quad-Core SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) have the ability to run desktop-style browsing processes. The ability to utilize multi-cores for the faster web page loading times is possible with a Quad-Core SMP processor. (Usually all Quad-Core processors in the market are SMP enabled)