Samsung Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s Olympic Game Phone, Will Allow Mobile Payment


Samsung and Visa announced that the latest and greatest Galaxy phone to date, the Galaxy S3, will be Samsung’s Olympic Games phone this year. It will be loaded with Visa’s mobile payment app, Visa payWave, and will be available for Samsung and Visa sponsored athletes and trialists. Here’s what DJ Lee, the executive vice president of mobile communications business said about this:

In the UK there will be over 140000 contactless terminals by the start of the Olympic Games, which means you’ll be able to pay for just  about anything with a single wave of the phone.

Mobile payment services enabled by NFC technology are gaining momentum around the world. the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind and is the ideal device to showcase the ease and convenience of Visa’s mobile payment application at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Mobile technology has long been a revolutionary force in our lives and NFC-enabled devices such as the Galaxy S3 will fundamentally change  the way we pay. The future is mobile and cash usage will only continue to decline as people use their mobile devices to manage their money, shop and pay. This summer our partnership with Samsung will showcase all the advantages of the future of payments: security, convenience, speed and flexibility being forefront among them.

-Sandra Alzetta, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Visa Europe

The Galaxy S3 with NFC technology is part of an evolution that will entirely change the way people shop, pay and get paid all over the world. This summer we will be demonstrating the future of payments in London – a future where most consumers will rely on mobile devices, tablets and PCs to manage their daily financial lives.

Our relationship with Samsung gets us closer to that vision, with a stunning new device that is sure to turn heads at London 2012 Games.

-Bill Gajda, Global Head of Mobile Products at Visa Inc