White HTC One X Doesn’t Go Well With Blue Jeans, See Why


I’m sure many of you have considered buying a HTC One X smartphone, I don’t wonder why. It’s a beast of a phone and it’s available in two colors: black and white. But, if you are a man and you wear blue jeans, the white version may be not for you. The reason is – the mate finish on the polycarbonate body of the One X is picking up grime really fast.

This problem has been already mentioned several times before on the forums and even in the user manuals, but some people (including me) haven’t heard of it. You will still be able to clean the device though (a glass cleaner should do the job).

If you desperately want the white One X, and you wear blue jeans, here’s a piece of advice:

  • Wear white jeans (cut-offs, preferably)
  • Keep an open ziplock baggie in your pocket
  • Stock up on alcohol wipes
  • Buy a form fitting case (not white)
  • Get the black HTC One X

So, will you still get the white One X, or a black one instead? Comments down below!