Daily Android Game: iStunt 2


We all have a hidden stuntman inside us and this games helps you in bringing the same virtually. Developed by Miniclip.com whose a proud developer of hit games like Hambo, Fragger etc. , this games brings in absolutely beautiful stunt gaming to your smartphone engrossing you with its beautifully designed levels.

When I started playing this game, I could not stop playing for an another hour or so. It has a  total of 4 areas with 25 levels in each. You have to make your way  by flying,jumping ,ducking and barrel rolling  through each brilliantly built levels in order to proceed further and unlock the rest of the areas.

Coming on to more important things, this game is quite fast in both load times and gameplay giving you a thrilling experience. The physics used are the best in any game of this genre I have ever seen ,and believe me I have played a lot of similar games. Graphics are pretty good and background sound track  is very cool. Guys don’t miss this game cause its a must play game and will blow you off with its speed and tilt controls.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here


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