Daily Android Game: Hambo – First Pork


When your best friend bacon is kidnapped you, Hambo, must save him from the enemies piggy clutches. Whats a pig to do? But don’t let his adorable appearance trick you Hambo has all sorts of weaponry from exploding arrows to semi-automatic rifles and more. Although this sounds like a shooting game, its more of a puzzle game, making you take accurate shoots in order to kill the other pigs and humorously turn them into pork products.

You start each level with a set amount of ammo for the weapons you have available to you and a few enemy’s on screen. Of course your purpose is to clear the screen using as little ammo as possible.  Each level gives you a medal and some gold in order to buy in game items, my first purchase was the Indiana Jones Skin for Hambo. There are also achievements for doing different things.

The game is free to play and purchases are not needed but advertisements are very common and the game frequently reminds you that you haven’t paid for anything which gets annoying fast. I would recommend trying the game overall its fun and humorous.

You can download Hambo here