Daily Android Game: Panic flight


Every once in a while a game comes out that’s seem familiar but is very different, Panic flight is one such game. So let’s take a look.

There are a lot of android users out there that really appreciate this game simply for the quick nature of the game along with the easy approach to the controls. But yet and good gaming experience.

In Panic flight you play as a pilot who flies thought storm clouds(I call them black evil) and weather systems to carry his passengers safely to they destination in the sky(yeah city’s like London are airborne now) with the help of his flight attendant who really should think about becoming a pilot herself.

The controls are pretty simple, you use your finger to guide your plain to go up, down and around(acrobatics)

Well as we said the flight attendant seems to be a chip of some block that she teaches you how to do tricks while airborne,  to score points and also to avoid crashing the plain, and what would help keep it in flight. There are a nice variety of plains to choose from that enhances the gameplay. But however when you win missions while offline you just get the coins reward and not the cash which may seem crummy but the game is FREE after all.

Panic flight was simply fun to play and overall is one fine addition to the Google play store. So with that I rate panic flight a 5 out 5 for it good choice of controls and overall game play.



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