A Quick look at Birzzle – New Style Action Puzzle Game


Birzzle is a very pretty Tetris like game but with a twist. Developed by Enfeel Inc this game is by far the best enhancement to the old-fashioned Tetris, which is in itself a very engrossing game.

What you have here are beautiful and colourful birds instead of blocks. It provides 3 types of game plays of which currently 2 are available for android and the third one is expected to arrive soon. Your aim in classic mode is to combine all similar birds in groups of three or more in order to blast them. You can  pick up a bird from the top of  a stack and place on any other stack in order to make combos of birds. It includes many power ups like black hole, firebird , bomber bird etc when you blast more than 3 birds at a time. This procedure changes upside down in icebreak mode in which you drop birds from above on a fixed position and arrange their blasting accordingly.

It enables you to compete for highest scores with your Facebook friends by integrating with your Facebook account. Performance wise this app is flawless . Graphics wise its a very beautiful app with lively and realistic graphics providing you with a solid gameplay experience. In app navigation is also pretty neat. This app is a must play app and you should have a pretty strong reason to dislike it.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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