Colorant USG screen protector confirms Samsung GALAXY S3 shape and screen size


Colorant a South Korean screen protector film manufacturer launched a new product called USG (Ultimate Screen Guard) for the upcoming GALAXY S III which reveals the shape of the upcoming flagship display.

Another interesting aspect is the packaging that we see in these images which states that the USG was made in Japan, but finished in Korea. Why would you need to finish a product designed for the SGS3 back in Korea, unless you need to test it on a dummy unit to get it ready for delivery, right?

Folks at Unwire Hong Kong applied the USG  screen protector on a GALAXY SII, HTC One X and on a GALAXY Nexus (as you see in the images below) examples in which we see that the screen protector is indeed manufactured for the next GALAXY smartphone otherwise would fit on any of them.

At a closer look we can clearly see that the screen protector is bigger than GALAXY Nexus’s screen size (4.65″) which in a way confirms that the GALAXY S3 will arrive with a 4.8-inch display.