Is this the first legit press leak of the Samsung Galaxy SIII ?


Joining in the line of the numerous rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIII comes this recent press leak that we think might just confirm our earlier suspicions of a curved Galaxy SIII with 1 home button and 3 touch buttons. The image here looks more or less like the SIII depicted in the earlier leaks and this might be the closest we’ll get to seeing the device before an official announcement. 

By the looks of the image, the device looks like it will have a 4.6 to 4.8 inch screen which will most likely be a Super AMOLED screen with a 720p resolution along with a Samsung Exynos chipset and a 8MP camera. However, this isn’t official yet so there is no need to be excited as this might just be Samsung sending us false leaks of the device (Cunning folk they are!). The picture below will most likely confirm the suspicions but till its official I refuse to believe any rumors.

Source GSM Arena