HTC One X review


HTC One X – the latest flagship phone from HTC – aims to please consumers world-wide. The phone aims to compete with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy series and the Apple iPhone 4S and rightly so.

The 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass 2 touch screen is just one of the top features of this wonder phone and turned on it is better than the iPhone’s famous retina display. It’s sublimely thin ‘chassis’ carries a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor along with a HDR-capable 8MP camera. The collaboration with Dropbox for 25 GB of free storage for HTC One users is just one of the many bonuses of this phone.


HTC have focused on slimmer phones in a bid to increase demand through better looking phones. The HTC One X is a huge phone to hold in your hands and those who aren’t prepared to do so are better off with the HTC One S. The One X has a 4.7-inch mammoth along with a quad-core processor, 8MP Camera and 1 GB of RAM and still fits in 8.9mm of chassis. Taking on HTC’s standards this is pretty impressive.

The back of the phone is a rubberized polycarbonate which provides good grip for people prone to dropping phones. The fingers marks are also easily cleanable. The microphone is placed along button right with the volume rocker on the top right. The power button is on the left along with 5 pins along the right side. Three capacitive buttons on the One X with Back, Home Screen and Recent Apps the respective assignments. The Menu key (3-Dot Key) however is irritating as it shows up randomly on places it shouldn’t. Those who have little tolerance for this can disable it with help from our friends at XDA.



The HTC One X will carry the very powerful NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core processor, potentially making it the fastest smartphone in the market at the moment. The Tegra 3 is pretty easy on the battery life and on moderate to heavy use runs for about 18 hours and this is keeping WiFi ON and Brightness at maximum. The Tegra 3’s quad-core performance is so far unmatched but with ARM waiting in the wings with its A15 Cortex Quad-core processor, the battle for the best processor might get interesting.


The One X features a pretty great camera with HDR-capable shots. The ImageSense – as HTC calls it – is the among the best and easiest to use of any Android device on the market. The easy switching between the photo and the video modes in a single viewfinder is one of the many easy-to-use features of the phone.   The camera shoots with minimum delay and the image quality is flawless. This perhaps the best camera quality a HTC can provide that too with a 8MP camera. You can open the camera and snap a picture in less than a second. The processor plays a big part in this and thus should be given credit for.

Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0