First look at HTC One X


Entering 2012, the dual core war has just ended. Vendors are now tightening their work to give the crowds some techy gadget to freak out for!

Speculated as the year of multi-cores, HTC, has begun the battle of quad-cores, giving the geek crowd a gadget that will hit you right in your geekiness.

The Taiwanese manufacturer launched its flagship phone, One X, which takes the lead baton from previous flagship model, HTC Sensation, a dual-core smartphone. The HTC One X was announced on the 26th February, 2012, at the Mobile World Congress and boasts the most powerful specs we have ever seen on the technology front today.

One X comes preloaded with the new HTC Sense 4.0 along with Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS, making it an eye-candy, due to changes made in Android 4.0 OS.

It packs in a vicious a 1.5 GHz 4-Plus-1 quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 with a fifth Battery Saver Core. One X surely gives you some excellent user experience like no lags and better performance with the beastly CPU-GPU combination.

Moving onto the Camera part, this is got some mighty camera processing power. One X comes with a rear camera is f/2 in aperture size and 8 megapixels with smart LED flash, and BSI sensor and can autofocus in 0.2 seconds which can take four digital photos per second while watching videos or movies and a front camera of 1.3 MP. (Wait let me pick my jaw up)

HTC really sets the bar so high for further quad-core mobiles coming up in the future, Samsung and LG will have to prove their might against the ONE! Notice how beautiful the Gorilla Glass 2 touch screen is while it mirrors the ceiling in the above image.

I, for once, am impressed with the speed and sexiness of the HTC bandwagon along with the monster camera specs, this is phone to watch out for. And as it says on the cover, this is ONE you have been waiting for!