ARM announces Cortex A15 Quad-Core Hard Macro


ARM have announced a variant of their Cortex A15 MPCore Processor which will be a quad-core hard macro implementation. It will be power-optimized and will deliver high performance to the hardware. Designed to run at 2GHz at 20000 DMIPS while keeping the efficiency of the ARM Cortex A9 processor. The Cortex A15 is a combination of ARM Cortex processor IP, Artisan physical IP, CoreLink systems IP and ARM integration capabilities, and utilizes the TSMC 28HPM process all combining to give the high performance to the hardware.

The low leakage implementation by the A15 enables to deliver an extremely competitive balance of performance and power. The variation is ideal for most high-end laptops and smartphones. The processor is especially going to be in demand in the Android market that has currently reached out to quad-core processor to deliver the high-performance needed to sustain the needs of the Android OS.

Jim Nicholas, vice president of marketing, processor division, ARM , was speaking at the launch of the processor:

For SoC designers looking to make a trade-off between the flexibility offered by the traditional RTL-based SoC development strategy and a rapid time to market, with ensured, benchmarked power, performance and area, an ARM hard macro implementation is an ideal, cost-effective solution, This new Cortex-A15 hard macro is an important addition to our portfolio and will enable a wider array of partners to leverage the outstanding capabilities of the Cortex-A15 processor.

Source Tech Powerup