Daily Android Game: Cordy Sky


Cordy is a cool little guy with a computer screen for a face that many Android users just love. The story goes like this: he way flying through space then suddenly he remembered he can’t fly and then crash landed on another planet with a bunch of strange robots that teach him to fly. And I guess to find his way home. So here’s a preview of the game to see if you’ll love it too.

Cordy Sky is the second game developed by SilverTree Media, the graphics are pretty good and with that being said you probably want to try this game on a phone/tablet with at least 800mhz processor or higher for smooth gameplay. Cordy Sky is a platform jumping game that is a fast pace according to how well you play the game.

So I think our little friend deserves 4 out of 5 from us, for the general game play, graphics and girls should find it cute as well, I guess. It’s clear that it was well thought out and then built. Cordy Sky is free right now on Google Play store, so don’t miss out. Game on – lets see who makes the highest score!!!



  1. Cordy Sky : Η συνέχεια του επιτυχημένου παιχνιδιού | Τεχνολογία | Παρουσία - Καθημερινή αδέσμευτη ηλεκτρονική εφημερίδα

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