Is Samsung readying a dual screen GALAXY Tab?


Is Samsung readying a dual screen GALAXY Tab? Apparently it is, according to Forbes finding the South Korean vendor has filed trademarks for a dual screen “design for a terminal for portable mobile communication,” on April 7 2011.

The patent number D658,173 design looks like two 7-inch GALAXY Tab’s molded together into a clamshell device. If last year Samsung was at the top of their game when it came to tablet market, this year Amazon took the crown from them with its cheap 7-inch Kindle Fire. Asus is not far from doing the same thing with its latest Transformer series and lets not forget Apple’s iPad which right now is the best-selling tablet on the market world-wide.

But why a folded design? What is Samsung thinking?An attempt to take on Sony Tablet P or Nintendo DS? Lets hear some comments!

via Forbes