GT-I9300 Service Manual leaks specifications and a possible final design?


Folks at SamMobile stumble upon Samsung GT-I9300 Service Manual in wich they’ve spotted a sketch image that could be the final design of the GALAXY S3. Although the sketch looks more like an entry-level Samsung phone (Samsung Pocket Mini for example) who are we to deny such a design for the next flagship smartphone.

Furthermore the specs sheet is a little strange because it points to a 4.8-inch handset (instead of a 4.7″), powered by a 1.5 Quad-core CPU (while Samsung just confirmed that the next GALAXY phone will feature a 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor), a 8MP camera (instead of 12MP) and more. So whats up with this?

This might have been the first design of the GALAXY S3 before Samsung delayed it a couple of times for yet unknown reasons (we belive for upgrading some hardware parts). One thing is for sure though, on May 3rd in London Samsung will unveil the next GALAXY phone, that’s when we will know.

What do you think is this the last design for the GALAXY S3 or not?