Leaked ICS Radios for HTC Rezound users


Flashing a radio on your device has a lot of advantages: it improves signal strength, improves data speeds and also improves call quality and call drops. A radio flash can alleviate the disturbances restores stability to the signal. However, flashing radios on HTC devices and getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

XDA Forum Member nolimitzr2 has posted a thread with the latest radios for the HTC Rezound. The original as well as the leaked radios from Ice Cream Sandwich RUUs are both available incase users want to switch back to the old radio versions.

Users intending to use these should proceed with caution, says limitzr2:

Your mileage may vary these havent been tested in every combination of Hboot\Firmware\OS so there may be issues. However I will do my best to update this post of any known issues.

Check for compatibility issues before flashing something as most of these radios are untested. HTC users will be familiar with this problem as a botched radio flash usually leaves you in a tight pickle and might even brick your phone.

The link to the XDA thread contains the download links of the S-Off Radios.

Source XDA