PocketDroid Top 3 Free Games Pick From Last Week


There are a lot of good games on Google Play Store but some are just better then others. Here are a few that shine above the rest. This is a Top 3 Free Games in our view. Enjoy playing!

 Death Rally

Possibly the best game on the market currently, Death Rally is like Need for Speed meets Twisted Metal on your android device. If your not excited already your not human being, or you haven’t played either of the mentioned games. You get your car, attach your weapon, and shoot the competition, oh and if you want to you can win the race. Weapons can be upgraded to get more ammo and you can collect parts during races to get other items. Death Rally is free but there are some in game purchases.

You can get Death Rally here.

 Unicorn Dash

Yea it has a unicorns so what, a guys not allowed to love unicorns? I love Running unicorns that smash though boulders and jump from platform to platform. luckily for me, thats exactly what this game is about. Its hardcore in a completely non girly way. The only reason not to try this game is if you are not confident about your sexuality. Best of all the game is 100% free.

You can get Unicorn Dash here.

Gun and Blood

As the name implies there is plenty of guns and blood in this game. Your job is to stop terrorist by doing what you do best, shoot them in the head. All the weapons in the game are highly customizable with scopes, stocks, clips, and barrels. There are a few weapons you can unlock by playing the game but all the best ones cost money. The game itself is free and you could go though the game just by dieing a lot. The game is very difficult if you dont spend any money but possible.

You can get Gun and Blood here.