HTC develop SoC with ST-Ericsson


HTC have gone from being a Qualcomm-centric OEM to a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor carrying phone manufacturer for its HTC One series. Now, HTC have decided to take it up a notch as they look to develop their own SoC for the future after tying up with ST-Ericsson. However, to avoid major trouble HTC will implement the SoC only on their mid-level and low-end phones, steering clear of their flagship devices which are currently the crowd favorite. Even though HTC hasnt been as successful in the mid-level and low-end smartphone category as LG, Huawei and Samsung all of whom dominating that area, they are willing to a risk which would not cost them anything significant.

HTC joins Samsung and Apple both of whom make their own SoC’s and would give them more control in the past over the cost of the hardware.

Source Android Central