Huawei MyTouch for T-Mobile spotted at FCC


Leaks from FCC show that Huawei and T-Mobile will be releasing a new device called the MyTouch. Though all the specs are not available, we know that it will be supporting the 850/1700/1900 UMTS bands, Bluetooth and Wi-fi. The Huawei U8680, as it is called, most likely won’t be out anytime before this summer. Huawei has requested a hold from March 7 for a 180 days on the release of any documents from being made public.

Huawei have been making tremendous improvements in the high-end phone departments and hopefully T-Mobile will have another prime phone to offer. T-Mobile are currently dominating markets in the US but Sprint with their HTC EVO series are not far behind. T-Mobile will be looking to build up their arsenal for their showdown with Sprint and AT&T (previously touted to but T-Mobile)

source TMONews via AndroidCommunity