Samsung receives WiFi certification for an unknown smartphone build number GT-I9800


Samsung has been filling trademarks with the USPTO since the beginning of the year for a lot of new devices, smartphones especially and that’s not al,l there are a couple of handset build numbers from 2011 that up until today we still don’t have a clue what they really are, like the GT-I9500 (rumored as the SGS 3 a while ago), and we can include on this list the GT-I9300 because we are not 100% sure that it is the GALAXY S III.

At the end of this week Samsung received a WiFi certification from Wi-Fi Alliance for what it could be a new high-end device , known to us only by its build number GT-I9800, and that is pretty much it, there are no other details except one more detail the certification document clearly states “smartphone.”

Which smartphone do you guys think this is?



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