Yahoo Messenger for Android update v1.7 brings peformance improvements and other enhancements


Yahoo Messenger for Android application received a new update which improves stability and performance. Although there aren’t major changes with the new update some¬†performance improvements¬†from earlier versions will be noticeable the minute you start running the application.

The new version 1.7 also adds copy/paste text ability, sound customization, ability to remember username and password and enhancements on location status.

Yahoo Messenger version 1.7 changelog:

  • New in Android Messenger 1.7
  • Performance enhancements
  • Ability to copy and paste text
  • Sound customization enhancements: ability to customize sign in, sign out and vibrate
  • Ability to remember username and password
  • Add location in status enhancements

Download Yahoo Messenger available for free on Google Play store (web link)


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